Friday, 20 April 2012

Favourite Perfumes Of The Moment!

Hey there!

Sorry again for the lack of posts, as we are back at school now it's even harder to juggle school work and a personal life... *sigh*. Also the weather this whole weak has been AWFUL, it has been raining pretty much all week :(

Anyway todays post is going to be on my favourite perfumes of the moment, me and my Mum share perfumes and together, we have a fairly large collection! So I thought I would share some of my favourites with you...
Firstly I just want to say that I am absolutely AWFUL when it comes to describing scents, but I shall do my best...

Daisy by Marc Jacobs Eau De Parfum
Daisy is a very floral based perfume (hence the name!) It is a very feminine scent and I always get compliments when I wear this. However it is quite expensive for 50ml at around £50 and the staying could be better for an EDP but it does last around 4-5 hours depending on how much I spray. Although the price is pretty expensive I would definitely recommend this as the smell is DIVINE! But if florals aren't your scene I would not recommend this. 

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Eau De Parfum 
I really love the smell of this perfume it has a lovely soft scent which is described as "Combining the essences of Moroccan Jasmin, Lily of the Valley and the freshness of Bergamot against a warm background of Sandlewood, Amber and Musk" This perfume again is rather pricey at £58 for the 50ml EDP, but it was a gift and me and my Mum both adore it! I also love the bottle, with the long cap :) 

Circus by Britney Spears Eau De Parfum
This perfume is filled with floral and fruity scents which is extremely sweet! For an EDP the staying power is not to great but for around £16.50 for an 100ml bottle you really cannot complain! The bottle, I am not the biggest fan of as personally I think it is quite tacky and cheap looking. I would recommend this perfume though as it smells great and is an amazing price.

Hollister Perfume in California
This scent is really lovely, it is hard to describe, but I would describe it as quite a sexy scent with a hint of floral. I bought this just over two years ago and I was just looking on Hollister online but cannot seem to find this one, so I am not sure if it has been discontinued. :( Although apparently the Hollister So Cal perfume is meant to be similar. 

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Eau De Parfum
This is one of my all time favourite perfumes and I adore the smell, it is a lovely fresh scent with floral and fruity notes. It is a great scent for the day and I really like the apple shape bottle. It is around £45.50 for the 50ml EDP. The staying power I would say is quite good as well.

I think all of the perfumes I mentioned, with the exception to the Hollister one have been Eau De Parfum's which are more expensive, this is because they tend to last longer. I would recommend purchasing an EDP instead of an Eau De Toilette as EDPs are stronger so you don't have to spray as much, although a EDT will smell the same.

Thanks for reading, also me and Farah are going to Wales for the weekend in the LOVELY weather haha, so we'll do a post showing our trip. 
Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend xx



  1. Great collection! I love Marc Jacobs x

  2. First of all Marc Jacobs is a god so anything that comes from him is going to be immensely fabulous. And DKNY is one of my favourites too! I love the fruity smell...makes me feel like a sexy smelling apple when I wear it!

    Gemma x x

    1. I know, and same! Fruity smells are amazing! XX

  3. i dont have any of these but i really want the Hollister one as i love the smell of it x

    1. Same, Hollister in general smells so so good! xxx

  4. Hey thank you for visiting my blog & commenting! ;)

    I love perfumes too but I usually just try to finish one first before I get another one as yeh they're pricey. I think the bigger size you get, the better value it is.

    The Daisy one is good! I might get that for my nxt purchase too.