Saturday, 1 September 2012

Heres to the new school year!

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed, me and Zub haven't being blogging in a while, but we are back and back for good because we have missed blogging so much! 

 We can't believe that its now September ( pinch punch first day of the month!) which means school soon :( We have school in 5 days, and still need to finish our school english project, oh dear. 

We thought we'd take the chance to give you some..

  Back To School BEAUTY tips! 

1) Not drinking our 6-8 glasses of water a day can take a toll on our skin, so ALWAYS take a water bottle to school or pick one up at the canteen to not only stay hydrated but to keep our skin clear. 

2) Staying up late to study for exams or writing essays can lead to unsightly dark circles. Despite, sleeping 9 hours is the best way to not have any, there are  things you we do to minimize these. Try applying an eye cream, I like this one from No.7 or an alternative is to wet a piece of tissue or kitchen paper and put it in the freezer over night and place it on your under eye circle for about 15-30secs. It works wonders! 

3) This might be kinda hard for us girls, but try not to touch your hair throughout the day because this can cause our hair to become more greasy! You could also carry some dry shampoo in your bag with you for that boost of volume throughout the day. Treseme and battise do good ones.

4) This is another hair related tip, but DON'T wash your hair everyday. I use to wash my hair everyday, and once you get into the cycle you can't just can stop it because your hair is getting much more greasy quicker and its stripping your hair from releasing its natural oils. I recommend washing your hair every other day! 

5) As a teenager, you usually suffer from oily hormonal skin. I know i still have really oily skin, and to combat the oil I really recommend a good moisturiser that is suitable for oily skin. A moisturiser that really helped me was one from The body shop called 'The tea tree matifying moisture gel.' Its pretty inexpensive. You can also carry some blot sheets in your bag or use a foundation primer, my all time favourite is this one from GOSH. 

We wish you a good luck at school this year, and we hope you find these tips usefull!


Monday, 30 April 2012

REVIEW: Macadamia Products

Hey there!

So today I am going to be doing a review of two products from the hair care line, Macadamia. Just over a year ago I purchased Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Hair Masque and the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment from Feel Unique and was pleasantly surprised with its results.

I thought that the 250ml one was big,but the 500ml is like a giant, haha!! 

Firstly, the masque, which is retailed at £20.35 for 250ml or £31.25 for 500ml. At this price it is definitely not cheap but I would say is absolutely worth it. I first purchased the 250ml one and it lasted me a year, although I was not using it every time I washed my hair, my Mum was also using it too, and she like it so much that the next one we ordered was the 500ml one. I have thick, dry hair and need something hydrating and this is perfect. After shampooing, I use some of the masque with a little of the oil and leave it on for around 5-10 minutes and then rinse. It leaves my hair feeling lovely and the smell is UHMAZING. It has a very thick consistency but doesn't weigh my hair down.

Next the oil, which is available in 4 different sizes and 1 spray. I first purchased the 10ml one for £4.90 and then once I knew I like it I purchased the 30ml one for £11. The smell of this is also lovely and I mix a little with the masque and sometimes rub a tiny amount into my damp hair. It does leave it feeling a lot softer. Macadamia also claims that their products reduce drying time by 40-50% by absorbing the oil into your hair and pushing the water out, I would say I notice my hair drying quicker whether it is 40-50% I am not to sure.

Finally I just want to talk about Feel Unique. They are a website which sell thousands of beauty items from make up to fragrance! They are sometimes slightly cheaper on prices but the main thing which makes me love them so much is their delivery, they deliver worldwide for FREE and it is pretty quick if you ask me. So whatever you are buying, definitely check to see whether feel unique has it. 

Thanks for reading, have an amazing day xxxx

Sunday, 29 April 2012

casual OOTD - shopping!

Hey guys! 

So Today I went shopping just for a few things I needed to pick up (finished products etc.) so I thought I would do an outfit of the day as to what I wore today!

                                      Denim Shirt- River island
                                                   Jumper- H&m 
                                                   Leggings- New look
                                                   Scarf- little shop in Wales :-) 
                                                   Shoes - Converse 
                                                   Phone case- Amazon! ( I love it) Can be purchased here

Also, when I was shopping today, I so happened to bumped into Louise, Sprinkle of glitter!!! I got so excited, I even got a picture with her! She was soo nice, and probably thought I was such a freak because I got so excited. Baby glitter was with her, and aww she was  even cuter in person! (if thats even possible!) I had to buy myself a millie's cookie afterwards just to calm myself down, haha. Anyway enough rambling.. heres the picture: I understand that I look like a goofy wierdo haha

What AM I doing with my hands? haha

Thanks for reading!



Hey everyone! 

  We are so sorry about the lack of posts, but my (farah's)  computer broke and we've been terribly busy with school.

Last week we had had a little trip to Wales- just for the weekend, but we had a really fun time! 

Here are a few pics from our trip :)
Outside Cowley Castle!


At the top of the castle which we miraculously managed to climb all the way up to! 

Zainab :) 

Farah :)

Skimming rocks on the seaside 

outside the castle

Naughty bird outside the chippy ;-)

us two :)

cute little cafe


Thanks for reading!



Friday, 20 April 2012

Favourite Perfumes Of The Moment!

Hey there!

Sorry again for the lack of posts, as we are back at school now it's even harder to juggle school work and a personal life... *sigh*. Also the weather this whole weak has been AWFUL, it has been raining pretty much all week :(

Anyway todays post is going to be on my favourite perfumes of the moment, me and my Mum share perfumes and together, we have a fairly large collection! So I thought I would share some of my favourites with you...
Firstly I just want to say that I am absolutely AWFUL when it comes to describing scents, but I shall do my best...

Daisy by Marc Jacobs Eau De Parfum
Daisy is a very floral based perfume (hence the name!) It is a very feminine scent and I always get compliments when I wear this. However it is quite expensive for 50ml at around £50 and the staying could be better for an EDP but it does last around 4-5 hours depending on how much I spray. Although the price is pretty expensive I would definitely recommend this as the smell is DIVINE! But if florals aren't your scene I would not recommend this. 

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Eau De Parfum 
I really love the smell of this perfume it has a lovely soft scent which is described as "Combining the essences of Moroccan Jasmin, Lily of the Valley and the freshness of Bergamot against a warm background of Sandlewood, Amber and Musk" This perfume again is rather pricey at £58 for the 50ml EDP, but it was a gift and me and my Mum both adore it! I also love the bottle, with the long cap :) 

Circus by Britney Spears Eau De Parfum
This perfume is filled with floral and fruity scents which is extremely sweet! For an EDP the staying power is not to great but for around £16.50 for an 100ml bottle you really cannot complain! The bottle, I am not the biggest fan of as personally I think it is quite tacky and cheap looking. I would recommend this perfume though as it smells great and is an amazing price.

Hollister Perfume in California
This scent is really lovely, it is hard to describe, but I would describe it as quite a sexy scent with a hint of floral. I bought this just over two years ago and I was just looking on Hollister online but cannot seem to find this one, so I am not sure if it has been discontinued. :( Although apparently the Hollister So Cal perfume is meant to be similar. 

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Eau De Parfum
This is one of my all time favourite perfumes and I adore the smell, it is a lovely fresh scent with floral and fruity notes. It is a great scent for the day and I really like the apple shape bottle. It is around £45.50 for the 50ml EDP. The staying power I would say is quite good as well.

I think all of the perfumes I mentioned, with the exception to the Hollister one have been Eau De Parfum's which are more expensive, this is because they tend to last longer. I would recommend purchasing an EDP instead of an Eau De Toilette as EDPs are stronger so you don't have to spray as much, although a EDT will smell the same.

Thanks for reading, also me and Farah are going to Wales for the weekend in the LOVELY weather haha, so we'll do a post showing our trip. 
Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend xx


Friday, 13 April 2012

REVIEW: Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner

Hey there! 

Firstly I just want to apologise that our posts haven't been very consistent recently, anyway todays post is going to be on a leave-in conditioner by Aussie.

I have dry hair which is very tangle prone and this is great! It leaves it soft, shiny and tangle free, not to mention the smell which is AMAZING! I first used this after swimming at school as a friend had it and I was pleasantly surprised at how it left my chlorine hair feeling lovely and soft! However I would say that this product doesn't really condition and moisturise my hair extremely well but for £4.50 you can't expect a total miracle worker. The packaging isn't really anything special, pretty bog standard in my opinion.

£4.50 from Boots or Superdrug

How I use it:
After washing my hair I leave it up in a towel for around 15-20 minutes, then I take it out of the towel and comb through my hair using a wide tooth comb, so it doesn't damage my hair. I then spray a fine mist all over and comb through again using a wide tooth comb. I then usually just leave it to dry naturally or I dry it with a hair dryer.

I do really like Aussie and their products as they are inexpensive and serve their purpose fairly well, they also smell amazing! So I would definitely recommend them and this leave-in conditioner.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!

  -Z xo 

Monday, 9 April 2012

Lipstick Haul and Swatches

 Hey everyone! So recently I went shopping, with an intention to buy some revlon lip butters because I had fallen for all the hype haha, and I was so excited but when I went to boots they were sold out on loads of them :( So i ended up just buying one, but I bought some other random ones that day aswell.....

So this was the lip butter I bought, which is in Berry Smoothie. It feels  really rich and smooth when you put it on, and I love the finish of it. It had a shiny but not too shiny finish. For me, the biggest disadvantage to the lip butter is that the color is not very long lasting. Even if I'm not eating or drinking, it doesn't last for more than an hour. But overall, its a really pretty colour and I'll definitely be re-purchasing  it once its runs out. And I can't wait try the other ones, I'm seriously tempted to buy all 17 shades but its really annoying how they're double the price than in america! :(
£7.99 from Boots or Superdrug

I had a random MAC splurge on a lipstick aswell, this is Captive from MAC despite this being a more of a fall/autumn colour I still bought it now haha. I'll probably wear it more in the autumn/winter or on colder days but oh well. It is a satin finish, which is one of my favourite finishes from MAC. And I think the colour is super pretty, a bit of a vampy colour when applied properly but if you just dab and rub with your finger its just a bright dark pink colour. 
£13.50 from  a MAC shop or Debhemans or any other MAC counter.
Kiera Knightly wearing captive!

The next lippy I bought was one of the new L'Oreal Caresse lipsticks, mine is in 06 Aphrodite Scarlett  people have proclaimed them to be better or comparable to the revlon lip butters so I thought I had to try this out for myself! I really like the colour, its a nice pretty pink/ fushia colour. Its more of a pink than a red, and has a beautiful shimmer. It is quite bright when applied properly but less when dabbed or rubbed with your finger. I deffinetley think this is comparable to the lip butters and gives them a run for the money and I have to say the packaging is gorge!

also £7.99 from boots or superdrug

- Farah