Sunday, 29 April 2012

casual OOTD - shopping!

Hey guys! 

So Today I went shopping just for a few things I needed to pick up (finished products etc.) so I thought I would do an outfit of the day as to what I wore today!

                                      Denim Shirt- River island
                                                   Jumper- H&m 
                                                   Leggings- New look
                                                   Scarf- little shop in Wales :-) 
                                                   Shoes - Converse 
                                                   Phone case- Amazon! ( I love it) Can be purchased here

Also, when I was shopping today, I so happened to bumped into Louise, Sprinkle of glitter!!! I got so excited, I even got a picture with her! She was soo nice, and probably thought I was such a freak because I got so excited. Baby glitter was with her, and aww she was  even cuter in person! (if thats even possible!) I had to buy myself a millie's cookie afterwards just to calm myself down, haha. Anyway enough rambling.. heres the picture: I understand that I look like a goofy wierdo haha

What AM I doing with my hands? haha

Thanks for reading!


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